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Affected by rat running or commuter parking?

Reply by 24 November 2018

New public consultation

The Lewisham Local Implementation Plan public consultation



This is our opportunity to ensure the voice of our streets is heard at Lewisham.  LiveLee have looked through all of this and recommend that as many residents as possible in both our Lewisham and Greenwich streets respond to this consultation.  It is a complicated consultation so we have just focussed on our issues of rat running, pollution and commuter parking.


There are just three of the questions that we want to draw your attention to and we have given suggested responses but it is up to you about what to write.  Look here for our MS Word documents

Don't forget our own


We would like you to tell your local councillor that you want something done about the rat running and the commuter parking. 


  • sign our community petition here

  • email your councillor - click here for details


We have put forward some ideas about what could be done and the councils are now listening.  Have a look at our proposals.  Our roads were originally designed as spaces for people to relax and enjoy their leisure time in a clean, safe and peaceful setting - let's re-imagine and re-create those same ideas.

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