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Affected by rat running or commuter parking?


You can complete our community petition here


Instead, or in addition, you may wish to contact your local councillor directly.  It is important that certain elements are included in your email so that the council treats your email as a petition.

If you live in Greenwich borough then you should contact Councillor Mark James.  If you are in Lewisham, then you should contact Councillor Jim Mallory.  They will each take the actions forward that you ask.

The email should take this form:

Subject: Petition - parking and traffic in my street

My name is .................. and the name of my street is ..................

I want you to work with Transport for London and our neighbouring borough to solve the problems I have listed below to make my street clean, safe and peaceful.

My problems are:

  • Commuter parking is blocking up my road

  • Rat running is causing road dangers in the streets here

  • It is difficult to get out of my driveway because of the traffic and parking

  • I am finding it difficult to park near my home because of the commuter parking

  • My visitors have difficulty parking near my home

  • Rat running is causing pollution along my street

  • I am worried about the safety of children going to school along my street

Please include all that apply to you - and more if you wish. 


Lewisham residents: send it to

Greenwich residents: send it to

It would be helful if you would copy us into you email - 


Thank you

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