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Links to other community groups

Lee Green Assembly was set up by Lewisham council as open meetings where people can come together to decide on ways to improve the Lee Green ward.  They meet four times a year.

Hither Green and Lee News is a news website that tries to bring together news and activities from community group.  They have an good calendar and regular tweets about upcoming  events.

Lee Manor Society promotes the Lee Manor Conservation Area and encourages people to play an active part in the conservation of our buildings and trees

Lee Green Lives is a group wanting to put life back into the Leegate shops.  They keep their website up to date with events at the Lee Green Community Centre in Leegate.

Living Streets was set up in 1929 as the Pedestrian Association and  now promote  the creation of   a walking nation, free from congested roads and pollution, reducing the risk of preventable illness and social isolation and making walking the natural choice. They believe that a walking nation means progress for everyone.  Their ambition is to get people of all generations to enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings and to ensure all our streets are fit for walking.  Recently they have been promoting the Walk to School campaign.

How to contact your elected representatives:


Lewisham council - Lee Green Ward councillors

                                               James Rathbone

     Jim Mallory  

     Octavia Holland             


Member of Parliament

    Janet Daby    


London Assembly Member

     Len Duvall   

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