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3 May 2018

The candidates in today’s local elections have all been asked by LiveLee for answers to some simple questions.




Green Party

Caroline SANDES (Lee Green ward)

John COUGHLIN (Lewisham mayoral)

Syed TAREK (Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward)

All three candidates have provided clear responses to our questions (two of them through the Lewisham Party Organiser)



Mark ROCHELL (Lee Green ward)

Chris MAINES (Lewisham Mayoral)

The ward candidate also responded on behalf of the Mayoral candidate.  He has given a thoughtful if slightly cautious and pragmatic view of the answers to our problems. Nothing from Greenwich.



Caroline ATTFIELD (Lee Green ward)

The candidate sees only a wider CPZ problem affecting the whole ward that the council have failed to deal with.  Nothing from Greenwich.



Silence from all quarters despite the sitting candidates knowing the extent of feeling in the neighbourhood following receipt of our community petition signed by 140 residents.  Not only are the “sitting” candidates silent in both wards but the new slot-ins have not responded.  A summary of previous communications are provided on our link.

30 April 2018


We have received a response from the Conservative candidate in Lee Green ward and we reproduce for your information in full below:

Firstly an apology for late reply. I did not receive the first email- and have checked my trash and junk folders but can see no sign of it. Of course, it is possible that it is my error.


I have attended the Lee Green Assembly and have been impressed with the sense of community that is represented by so many of the local action groups. I have lived in the area for 30 years and have constantly been frustrated by the issues that lie at the heart of being on a borough boundary. I have worked in the past with many Greenwich  Conservative councillors, including Cllr Matt Hartley, Cllr Geoff Brighty and Cllr Matt Clare and if elected would use all my contacts with them and any successful candidates, to ensure a joined up approach on the  complicated transport issues.

In terms of parking, I was made aware very early on of the understandable frustrations felt by many residents at the piecemeal nature of the CPZs and would draw attention to the fact that I pledged a complete review on the leaflet that we have delivered to most of the ward, link here 


Caroline Attfield

29 April 2018


We have received our first response from a candidate in the Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward - it is from the Green candidate and we reproduce for your information in full below:

Thanks for sending this in. I have gone through the literature presented in your website and I must say they are very thoughtful and thorough. It must have taken considerable time and I can understand the frustration you have as both main parties haven't responded to your petition. I can confirm that I hadn't came across your previous communication in the past. If I had, I would have definitely responded by now. 


I agree with my colleague Corin Ashwell, Lewisham Green Party Coordinator. I can assure you that we will work together and ensure the petition is taken seriously. First thing to have CPZs will be to start a consultation process. I will seek assistance from our Green team from Lewisham and Greenwich to work together in pushing the councillors (if not us!) to start the consultation process. Green councillors have always been very prompt on taking actions for issues that matters. 


 As you might know, there is a high chance that it might not be the Greens in the Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward but I would do my level best to represent the community and run consultations to ensure there is no communication gap.  I have added this issue as a pledge in my candidate page (this may take a while to update) and personal webpage (  too.

Dr. Syed.

Green Candidate Middle Park and Sutcliffe. 

28 April 2018


Following our invitation to all candidates in both wards we have had only two responses - that is none from any candidate in the Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward and only the Greens and Lib Dems in Lee Green ward.  We thank Lewisham Greens and Lib Dem candidate  for their thoughtful responses. We have reproduced them for your information in full below. 


Come on Labour - you have not only your record in office to defend but Labour appears likely to win and take office again.  In Lee Green ward one of your candidates lives in Leyland Road and another is badly affected by rat runners in Fernbrook Road.

We have heard nothing from the Conservatives in either ward.

From the Greens:

First of all, can I say how impressed we are with the quality of materials on your website,


Secondly, in principle we fully support measures to eliminate rat-running, to reduce overall volumes of motor traffic, to promote safer streets aiming for no or very few injuries from collisions, and to reduce the alienating effect motor vehicle domination can have on our communities. 


Last year we visited, as a party, the Walthamstow Mini-Holland scheme and were extremely impressed. We see schemes like this, or Liveable Neighbourhoods as they are now known, as very much part of the answer to problems such as air pollution, ill-health and obesity, and lack of social cohesion.

In answer to your specific questions:


*   What specific proposals do you have for reducing rat running in these streets?

We support the introduction of modal filters on all residential streets, and creating managed traffic on other routes so that at certain times only buses are allowed through. We also support working with haulage operators to address movements of HGVs at sensitive times, and closing streets that schools are on to motor traffic at drop-off and pick-up times.


*     When can we expect to have a full local consultation regarding the introduction of a controlled parking zone here?

If elected, Green councillors will push for a local consultation regarding the introduction of a CPZ in Lee Green ward as a matter of priority. We will then campaign in favour of a CPZ being introduced, along the lines supported by residents.


* What will you do about getting Lewisham and Greenwich councils to work together for people in Lee?


Green councillors believe in collegiate working and will lobby officers in our council (Lewisham) to work with colleagues in Greenwich to address these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will not hesitate to back community campaigns to support this pressure.


* We have petitioned Lewisham and Greenwich councils to work with Transport for London to find solutions to our problems in Lee but they have not met again for over five months – how will you speed things up?


On the back of the Mayor's Transport Strategy aim to reduce traffic volumes across the city by 2040 we will insist that TfL and the two councils work together as swiftly as possible. As councillors, Greens will put the work in to make sure that those with the authority and means to affect change actually take action rather than prevaricating.


I hope this is helpful to you. Don't hesitate to contact us again and we look forward to working with you in future to make Lee a safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhood in future.


On behalf of Lee Green candidate Caroline Sandes and Mayoral Candidate Councillor John Coughlin.


With best wishes,

Corin Ashwell

Lewisham Green Party Coordinator

From the Lib Dems:

I'm fully aware of LiveLee. I attended the Lee Green Assembly in which you gave a presentation and also the subsequent assemblies including a follow up talk from TFL. I've also kept up to date with your progress on Facebook.


First of all, as someone who hasn't sat on the council before, (I believe only Jim Mallory has prior experience out of all of the candidates for Lee Green), it's impossible for me to say for certain what type of influence I will have at my disposal to push forward with your proposals. What I really want to avoid is making promises that I can't keep.


But in the spirit of being open and honest I feel that I should lay out my personal feelings on what I have heard from you so far.


Lee Green is part of one of the major cities of the world and unfortunately our society is overly dependent on the motor vehicle. In the short term turning Lee Green into a pedestrianised utopia that is entirely traffic free seems like a tall order. However, it's vitally important that policy makers and planners know how the community feel about the domination of traffic over pedestrians within our neighbourhood. Above all else it's unsafe and unhealthy. This is why I applaud the work of both LiveLee and the Lee Forum.

I have to say, however, that I do sympathise somewhat with the council and TFL when it comes to dealing with the problems of rat running. It can at times seem like a simple case of closing roads or bringing in one-way systems. Whilst these measures may alleviate the problems that you have in your roads it runs the risk of simply moving it on to other doorsteps. They have to work for the good of the entire ward. Unfortunately, this results in a long drawn out process that causes more frustration on both sides. 


What I don't really understand is why they can't bring forward the Controlled Parking Zone consultation. I hear the justification that a consultation is a costly process, but surely if the residents are likely to give it the go ahead, in the long term it not only stands a good chance of reducing the problems but also it will be a new income stream for the cash strapped council? 


From previous conversations on separate matters with other residents I sometimes get the feeling that there is an 'all or nothing' attitude to these projects. Surely if they have the capability of delivering on only a portion of a project it is better to get that done as soon as possible, if nothing else it gives the message that the concerns are being heard.


Going back to the wider issue of too much traffic on our roads, whilst I think reducing the numbers may be a long term goal, in the short term we could at least do all we can to make sure that the vehicles that are on the road are producing as little pollution as possible. Lib Dems believe that the shift to less polluting vehicles is already well on the way, but it is up to authorities, both local and national, to encourage this push. I feel that in a generation or two we'll look back in disgust that we ever allowed petrol and diesel engines onto our roads. But we need the infrastructure in place to facilitate this change. 


I myself would love to switch to an electric or hybrid car, but due to the fact that I have no off street parking it is difficult to make the change. If however, there was a charging point at the end of my road I would be far more likely to go ahead. 


I know that Chris Maines, our Lib Dem Lewisham mayoral candidate would ensure that the council install more electric charging points to encourage a faster transition to electric vehicles, and I totally support him on that.


Lewisham Lib Dems also ran a campaign and petition on cleaner air for all of Lewisham, link here;


The London mayor Sadiq Khan is running a consultation on extending the Ultra Low Emission Zone out to the South Circular. This will basically force the most polluting vehicles to circle central London and drive right across our doorstep. We believe that if you're going to extend the zone, then do it properly. Take it right out to the M25. Much like your campaign, we believe that the big vehicles should be on the big roads, not cutting through and belching out their pollution onto the minor roads.


I hope all of this is helpful. I am fully aware that if I were lucky enough to gain a seat in the ward of Lee Green my job would be to listen, represent and fight for the residents of my ward, and the wider borough as a whole. I think it will be a challenging job to do, and I'm sure that I won't ever be able to please all of the people, all of the time. However, one promise that I can make, without any fear of breaking it, is that I will always do the job to the best of my abilities, aiming to help make Lee Green a happy, healthy, safe place for all of its residents to call home.


Thanks for the opportunity to reply.

Mark Rochell

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Lee Green

22 April 2018


The cars, the candidates, the chaos


Our community petition signed by 139 residents has been acknowledged – but little else.  In the run up to the local elections on 3 May we thought you would want to know how things are progressing.


If a candidate knocks on your door in the next fortnight, why not ask:


  • What specific proposals do you have for reducing rat running in these streets?


  • When can we expect to have a full local consultation regarding the introduction of a controlled parking zone here?


  • What will you do about getting Lewisham and Greenwich councils to work together for people in Lee?


  • We have petitioned Lewisham and Greenwich councils to work with Transport for London to find solutions to our problems in Lee but they have not met again for over five months – how will you speed things up?

There have been no concrete proposals from any of the political parties locally about the problems of rat running, commuter parking, road dangers and pollution. 


You petitioned you local councillors with a simple request:

“I want Lewisham and Greenwich councils to work together with Transport for London to solve the problems I have listed below and make our streets clean, safe and peaceful.”


At the meeting in November last year, Councillors and officers promised to act as soon as they heard from residents and that officers would present proposals to solve the problems.  In response to the petition and your individual emails LiveLee received the following responses:


In Lewisham, Cllr Jim Mallory has asked for volunteers from across the whole ward to sit on a working group (that was five months ago and no one who volunteered has heard anything since). He said he will ensure the petition goes to the next appropriate Council meeting and he will also “attempt to involve Cllr James and other Greenwich councillors, as well as officers of the three authorities”.


In Greenwich, Cllr Mark James has said he will present the petition to a full council meeting after which it will be referred to their Highways Committee for a response. He said he hopes to work with Cllrs Mallory and Smith from Lewisham with a view to achieving a satisfactory outcome.


Also in Greenwich, Cllr Christine May confirms she has taken up our concerns with officers in Highways but she says currently there is no agreed scheme, therefore no commitment to do anything but to work collaboratively in order to seek resolution, and says “it is clear that a number of factors need to be assessed before a final scheme may be presented”. 


Len Duvall (GLA member for Greenwich and Lewisham) set up the meeting LiveLee had with Lewisham, Greenwich and Transport for London in November 2017 but nobody has yet reported back on their actions from that meeting.


We have tried to send a copy of this email to all the local candidates so they can be ready for any questions you may ask.  Please tell us about the responses you get so that we can share with with other neighbours.  Below is a full list of candidates for 3 May.


Greenwich (Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward)



Ian Hawking

Mark James

Christine May



Aileen Davis

Kate Drury

James Shipp



Ray Adams



Syed Tarek


Liberal Democrats

Lee Coppack

Patrick Marshall

Chris Smith


Lewisham (Lee Green ward)



Octavia Holland

Jim Mallory

James Rathbone


Liberal Democrats

Jonathan Bostock

Grace Calder

Mark Rochell



Matthew Arawwawala

Caroline Attfield

Sam Thurgood



Caroline Sandes


Christian Peoples Alliance

Maureen Martin


Lewisham (elected Mayor)

Damien Egan – Labour

Ross Archer – Conservative

Chris Maines – Liberal Democrats

John Coughlin - Green

Duwayne Brooks – Independent

Will Donnelly – Democrats and Veterans

John Hamilton – People Before Profit


3 March 2018

Lewisham council has given permission for Zipcars to be parked on any Residents Only parking bay anytime, friends of LiveLee have told us.


At LiveLee we were hoping for limited controlled parking for our streets to stop commuters parking here all day. However this new move could see commuter parking getting much, much worse with the addition of commuter Zipcars.


This new service from Zipcars is a per minute charge and customers can drop off a car on any free parking or permit holdres only bay in several London boroughs.  If Bromley, Bexley or Greenwich join the scheme then we will see a lot more commuter parking along our roads.


When we meet with councillors we will ask them how we can manage this in our streets when we get controlled parking.

1 March 2018

We reveal the analysis of the data collected by Lewisham council of our streets.;

Council confirms our traffic surveys.

  • At least 636 cars and vans an hour westbound in morning peak in Upwood Road

  • Shocking 89.5% of vehicles are rat runners in our streets

  • Lee Green area has 3,000 extra vehicles each day using non-main roads as rat runs

See full analysis here

24 November 2017

LiveLee had a meeting this week with traffic management people from Lewisham, Greenwich and Transport for London to talk about rat running in our streets.  The meeting went really well.

Our London Assembly representative Len Duvall brought all the parties together to listen to LiveLee.  We also had two councillors from Lewisham at the meeting.

Len Duvall wants everyone to closely consider the scheme that LiveLee put forward earlier this year to trial a scheme that would control rat running during the morning peak.  Have a look at  the summary of the scheme they are looking at
here - please have a close read of it.


Len Duvall was particularly interested in our proposal that members of the community could become involved in conducting traffic surveys before and during the trial.  Please tell us if you are interested - it will simply involve standing on one of the nearby streets and counting cars and vans 


What else can you do now

If you live in one of the Greenwich streets then please send an email to one of your ward councillors and tell them that you want something done about the rat running.  Here are their contact details:


If you want to tell Lewisham councillors about your concerns then why not come along to the Lee Green Assembly meeting next week.  The traffic manager for Lewisham will also be there to talk about parking, pollution, road safety and rat running.  The meeting will be at Trinity School (along the road from Sainsburys) on Wednesday 29 November starting at 7.30pm.


It was also agreed that Lewisham and Greenwich will work together to introduce controlled parking across our streets.

23 September 2017

Since the last Lee Green Assembly meeting on 13 June there have been no meetings between Lewisham and Greenwich regarding the issues of rat running or commuter parking in our streets despite the overwhelming support from residents at the Assembly requesting such a meeting.  Lewisham council officers, along with our ward councillors, have ignored, delayed and blocked any request to bring forward a consultation on controlling commuter parking in our streets. 

We have also had a knock-back from Councillors Hooks and Mallory at Lewisham council for our request for funding for a trial scheme for rat running from Lee Green Assembly.


The knock back was a long email but at its heart it told us that there is not enough time to conduct a trial.  The email simply outlined council procedural issues and procrastinated.   We  are happy to forward Councillor Hooks' email (and our response) if you are interested in reading it.

A  summary of the proposed scheme for which we are seeking funding of just £1,100 can be found
here or from the More info tab on the right.  Please have a look through it and think if there is enough time and whether it is worth us pursuing.

The Lee Green Assembly meeing is on Tuesday 3 October at 7.30pm at Trinity School in Taunton Road.  The second item on the agenda is "Presentation of bids seeking funding from the Assembly" - we would like to try and present our bid again and would welcome any support


The good news is that Len Duvall, the Greater London Assembly member for Greenwich and Lewisham, has got involved and one of his staff has been tasked to arrange a meeting between ourselves, Transport for London, Greenwich transport officers and Lewisham transport officers.  They may yet use delaying tactics but we are hopeful.


23 July 2017

People working today to make Lee Green a better place

Give your support today to everyone at Lee Green who are making a go of the Leegate centre. There is Chloë Douglas who is organising the new Leegate Market - see photographs of the first day of the market this morning below and on her website at Don't forget to like her Facebook page @@leegatemarket. The market will be every Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Also we met Mary Donovan this morning  Our photo shows her, she out tending the flower beds in Burnt Ash Road next to the car wash. This makes a big difference to our local environment - thank you Mary.


18 July 2017

Last month we found that Asda had pulled out of the Leegate redevelopment.  The owners of the site, St Modwens, have produced an amended plan.

We would like as many people as possible to respond to our survey so that there is some cohesive community response that  may influence the developer or Lewisham council in the areas of traffic, parking and pollution.  Please read  and look at the resources on our Leegate page and then do our survey on the same page.

7 July 2017

Modwen announce new proposals.

Have a look at the photos that we took at their exhibition today.  They are in Unit 15 of the Leegate centre until 8pm tonight (Friday) and from 9.30am to 1.30pm tomorrow Saturday 8 July.  There were many people there today and the architects were knowledgeable and helpful.

Immediate concerns are around the number of parking spaces provided and what will happen to all that lovely shade and oxygen those Plane trees give and the CO2 that they take away every day?  They are not in the plans.

21 June 2017

New Leegate consultation


Since ASDA has pulled out, the owners of Leegate have got new plans they want to share with us. We will be most interested in the changed car parking provision and the traffic/environmental impact.


Read the new letter that arrived today.…

21 June 2017

In free-flowing conditions 84% of cars and vans exceed 20mph speed limits - shock news from UK Government report

Lewisham is currently undertaking a traffic survey using Traffic Survey Partners. Strips across the road will tell the council how effective the introduction of 20mph limits across the borough has been. The one in Upwood Road (one of our key rat running roads) didn't even last a week because of the volume of cars and vans - just a few bits of coiled up rubber and a few loose bolts was left to clear up on Monday this week.

The government report makes interesting reading:

How can we get a change in culture or is enforcement by uniformed police officers the only answer?

Read this article from The Guardian

This poster image is a little scary but was used in a Lancashire poster campaign

14 June 2017

What we said last night and what was adopted by the Lee Green Assembly.


The real possibility that we can effect a positive change was advanced last night at Lee Green Assembly.


Residents overwhelmingly supported these two statements:


1. That due to urgent and acute issues of safety and access, Lewisham include our streets in the 2017/2018 CPZ Consultation Programme


2. That Lewisham Council work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Transport for London to resolve the issues of rat-running, road safety and pollution.


Councillors Jim Mallory and Simon Hooks gave their support to us despite the difficulties they felt they foresaw in slotting our CPZ consultation into the council's programme.


Our presentation is below:


"I represent residents from the roads to the east of Burnt Ash Road. We are talking about Dorville, Cambridge, Upwood etc. – but part of what we are proposing will also have a huge positive impact on the roads the other side of Burnt Ash Road.


I will just take 5 minutes of your time.


Firstly, I will tell you what has happened until now.
Then tell you about just how bad commuter parking and rat running has become.
Thirdly, how these two things are linked and that our solution will benefit the wider network of streets.
Finally, I will outline the proposal and ask you to adopt two simple statements.
That is only a few words on each so I urge you to use the cards I have given out and go to our website ( or popular Facebook page to look at the details of our proposal.


1     We want to improve our streets and also benefit neighbouring streets on the west side of Burnt Ash. We have leafleted 500 homes, conducted a popular online survey using a questionnaire, conducted traffic surveys, worked successfully with Lewisham Council, Lee Forum, London Living Streets and even given talks to local cub and scout groups – all this in just six weeks. We will be carrying out a parking stress survey and have recently produced a detailed report that presents two specific proposals.


2 Since last year the introduction of the Lee Green West CPZ and parking controls around Kidbrooke Station have resulted in dangerous levels of commuter parking in our streets. Cars are parked across driveways or parked so close as to compromise safe sight lines. Tunnels of parked cars cause increased speeds as cars and vans race to avoid meeting oncoming vehicles (people in Longhurst Road will be familiar with this problem). Parked cars make the roads a danger to cross. Most of us were excluded from the CPZ consultation in July 2014 – we have never been consulted on parking issues.


Using pollution data collected by Kings College London in 2013 (4 years ago now) we have tracked the streets used as rat runs. They found that all the households in our area experience annual average nitrogen dioxide levels of 40μg/m3 – 40μg/m3 being the EU limit for the protection of human health.

We have conducted traffic surveys – one at Clifton’s Roundabout (at around 7 o’clock one weekday morning) found that 57% - much more than half - of all cars and vans travelling towards Lewisham Borough on the A20 choose to enter a rat run at Abergeldie Road and the small service road alongside Westhorne Avenue.


The rat run usually ends back at the A20 at Lee High Road (at the Manor Park junction) or at Ennersdale Road to chase through Ladywell and back to the South Circular – three successive traffic surveys showed that over 700 cars and vans an hour at the busiest times of the day use Upwood Road as a main road. The A20 and the South Circular – the real main roads – are designed for this purpose, they have the correct road surfaces, sub strata, traffic controls, lighting, carriageway widths, road markings and pedestrian protection – none of our residential roads do. Allowing rat running encourages more car journeys to be made – allowing rat running contributes significantly to air pollution.


3 If we stop the parking alone then our streets will be perceived by drivers as having the capacity for greater speeds and greater volume.


Alternatively, if we only stop the rat running then we will create narrow ribbons of free but chaotic station car parking that encourages only partial use of public transport for commuter journeys.


Our traffic surveys have also revealed how the next rung of streets is accessed – across Burnt Ash Road from Dorville and Upwood and into Holme Lacey, Southbrook, Micheldever and Handen – then across Manor Lane and into Fernbrook, Leahurst, Longhurst and Manor Park. Those 700 cars and vans each hour first pass along Upwood Road – stop them there and the cork is in the bottle. Residents, old and young, will have their lungs breathing better air and their pedestrian, cycle and local car journeys made safer and less stressful.


4 Our schemes create small networks of streets that are discreet – that means that you would only use them if you are going to a home there – they will no longer just be routes through to other places. Closing the rat runs creates an opportunity to have controlled parking zones that require no more than a few road signs that say – residents parking only beyond this point – no painted bays, no yellow lines, no posts stuck up every ten metres along the footway.


Tonight we ask you to adopt two statements:


1. That due to urgent and acute issues of safety and access, Lewisham include our streets in the 2017/2018 CPZ Consultation Programme


2. That Lewisham Council work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Transport for London to resolve the issues of rat-running, road safety and pollution.


These streets were laid out at the end of the nineteenth century and extended both before and after the second world war – they were designed as spaces for people to relax and enjoy their leisure time in a clean, safe and peaceful setting. There is an opportunity now to re-imagine and re-create those ideas."

9 June 2017


Out of the blue, Lewisham have today installed traffic monitoring equipment in Cambridge Drive, Dorville Road, Leyland Road and Upwood Road.  I have requested the raw data and asked that they contact us about the siting and purpose of the quipment.  Thanks to one of our friends for giving us the heads up.

I have been in contact with the headteacher at Colfe's School regarding parents sitting in their cars with the engine idling.  This was a matter that was raised several times in the survey.  I sent him information about the harm that these parents are causing to themselves, their cars, their pockets, their children, other children and, of course, residents.  He has assured me that he will be putting something in the next parents' newsletter but this may not be until the end of term (Friday 7 July).

We will be finalising the specific proposals to introduce a CPZ and gateway treatments in Upwood Road, Cambridge Drive and Leyland Road. 

7 June 2017


Had a great time talking with 20th Lewisham South cubs and scouts at their meeting last night in Brownhill Road. They learned about rat running and I learned how much these 8 to 12 year-olds already know about chemicals and traffic dangers. I especially learned how much they care about our environment and other people.


We looked at a map showing vehicle pollution and talked about how we should avoid walking along beside the worst polluted roads.  You can look at this map in more detail at


and you can read about rat running in Lee and Hither Green at


There’ is more to read about pollution in our streets at

3 June 2017


We have had  a really good response from our survey.  We are still analysing the results as more are coming in.    If you want your views on rat-running, speeding, commuter parking etc. heard then go to the survey link now.


Thank you if you have already done the survey - why don't you ask your neighbours if they have looked at it or maybe, if they want any help with the IT.

If you haven't done the survey yet then have a look - it really only takes a few minutes.

2 June 2017


The changes at Bank junction in the City are interesting. Just a few new road signs and now only pedestrians, buses and cycles are allowed from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday.


This shows how cheap, easy and simple it is to transform a dangerous and unhealthy place. In the busiest hour each day there were 24,000 pedestrians, cyclist and bus passengers using the junction compared with just 1,600 people in cars.


Could we transform our streets - YES WE CAN


Start the ball rolling and apply for a CPZ today.…/0B5c4-YJsoth-Ukg2dzNNb1Ntc…/view…


Read about the Bank scheme here:…/londons-bank-junction-closed-…


See a map of the changes:…/0B5c4-YJsoth-Nml2aGZ6MVVra…/view…


1 June 2017


The Lewisham council website CPZ request portal does not appear to be reliable.  LiveLee strongly recommends that anyone who has used it should re-apply using the email process.  Click on the Request a CPZ button on the right hand side of this page for full instructions.

1 June 2017

(from our Facebook feed)

If we only stop the commuter parking then wider streets with easier passing will result in more speeding and even more rat running.


If we only stop the rat running then commuter parking will make our roads into a nightmare of unregulated parking.


We must do both, and we must do it soon.


Read this and start the ball rolling by requesting a CPZ…/0B5c4-YJsoth-Ukg2dzNNb1Ntc…/view…

27 May 2017




There is a rumour going about that we were consulted over a CPZ in July 2014 - we were not.


The consultation that led to the introduction of the Lee Green West CPZ was only conducted in households as far east as Leyland Road.     


If you live in the following streets

Cambridge Drive

Dorville Road (odds from 15, evens from 60)

Leybridge Court

Millbank Way

Osberton Road

Silk Close

Rose Way

Upwood Road (odds  27 to 93, evens 14a to 66)

Woodville Close

then your views were never sought.

Click here to see the full Lee Green West CPZ report

To do something about this omission you should act now and make a formal request for a CPZ stating that it is urgently required as a result of "acute issues of safety and access" - go to the Request a CPZ button to the right.....

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