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Requesting a Controlled Parking Zone in Lewisham


The Lewisham website portal for requesting a CPZ appears to have become unreliable.  Please use the following method. Some of this seems repetitive but we have used the criteria given by the council.  Please remove any of the points with which you do not agree.


Email the following to




A possible new controlled parking zone in east Lee


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My name is   …………………………………….              


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The proposed location of the the CPZ is in the roads bound by the borough boundary, A205 Westhorne Avenue, A2212 Burnt Ash Road/Hill and A20 Eltham Road

  1. Most of the households in the area of this request have never been consulted regarding the introduction of a CPZ and those that did were excluded from the calculations that allowed for the introduction of the Lee Green West CPZ.   The consultation in July 2014 did not include households to the east of Leyland Road.  The households between Burnt Ash Road and Leyland Road were eliminated from the calculations so that the final area of the controlled zone showed a narrow majority in favour of the scheme.

  2. This new CPZ is urgently required in response to acute issues of safety and access.

  3. Commuter parking, made worse by the introduction of the adjacent Lee Green West CPZ, has made parking for residents and visitors very problematic

  4. The parking problem is especially difficult for people with shopping or young children

  5. Commuters are also parking across crossovers and on kerbs. 

  6. Vehicles parked by commuters are making line of sight difficult for safe crossing of roads (there is a school entrance in the proposed area for the CPZ).

  7. Vehicles parked by commuters are narrowing the roads causing congestion.

  8. A restriction to residents-only parking from noon to 2pm on Mondays to Fridays would effectively stop commuter parking.  This would lead to an increased use of public transport.

  9. The road is being used by private companies to store vehicles.

  10. Manoeuvring is made difficult for residents who park on their driveways as parked cars can severely limit the space.

  11. There is a scheme proposed which includes road closures that will reduce the cost and simplify the CPZ scheme while stopping the rat running that is increasing levels of pollution, increasing congestion and increasing the number of collisions involving people and vehicles.  The proposal takes account of the high number of crossovers and eliminates the need for marked bays and minimal footpath signage.

  12. This would be a cost effective scheme - both cheap to create and maintain - with income derived from penalty charge notices and resident/visitor parking permits.

  13. The scheme, as proposed, would be effective.

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